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See some of the journeys taken by our Green Zebras team to get to where they are now.

Remember, all of the best experiences begin with the first, small step.

Hi, I’m Jade.

Why Market Research?

It's the people

and their stories.

They've kept me hooked for more than 2 decades!

Listen to what Jade has to say...

I chose to work in the MR Industry because I was always curious and asking questions on why people behave the way they do. In our job, we get to meet a lot of different people on the ground, understand their stories, capture their commonalities, and idiosyncrasies which then help shape our client’s business strategies. It is never boring because you learn new things every day. 

With COVID-19 changing the research landscape especially with the way we work, I like introducing new (digital) research methodologies. These bring value to our clients and appeal to the consumers we speak to. With GZ, we bring to our clients the 4 C’s – Clarity, Creativity, Commitment, and Collaboration. This is our promise to all of our clients and we hope that our clients agree! 

Hi! I am Cheong.

Why qualitative?

Definitely my innate inquisitive nature 😊

Here's what Cheong thinks...

Being a proud "Quali" fulfils my desire and innate nature to be inquisitive. It allows me to interact with people from different backgrounds, thinking, attitudes and behaviour. Every time I speak with somebody new, I learn a lot!

Aside from fulfilling my personal goals, working in MR also allows me to play a part in our client’s business; to guide and steer them into making the right business decisions & strategies. The sense of satisfaction it brings me is priceless. With the ever-changing dynamics in this modern marketplace, I hope to be able to bring the most value to our clients together with GZ by adopting new methodologies to improve our research output.

Hi! I’m Fiona. 

I am the one who spends hours going through data, so that we can read between the lines. 

Why else would I be a Quantitative Reseacher!

Fiona's take on Market Research

I choose to work in MR because it is a very dynamic industry. I’m passionate about understanding the ‘How’, ‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘Why’ in the marketing world. MR is the best place to start as it creates a direct connection to consumers.  

Working with Green Zebras has given me a great exposure to different industries and sectors, such as telco, education, finance, FMCG. I am able to leverage on all of these experiences when the next client and project comes along. 


At Green Zebras we view client’s business as our own and provide our utmost support and commitment. We like to work as partners to our clients, and the more we work together, the stronger our relationships become.

Hi! I’m Diyana.

What drives me is the continuous stream of knowlege throughout my career. 

Here's what Diyana has to share

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” - Albert Einstein.

I believe that in my path for growth, I had to gather more on ground experience, learning from people’s stories. In MR, being the bridge that connects clients to the consumers requires the understanding of both parties and what they want to achieve - be it in the business side, or the needs of the consumers.

People think research is just about surveys but it’s more than that. We are constantly learning from other industries. Throughout my tenure in MR, I’ve learnt about physics from the construction industry, chemistry from the beauty industry, financial management from the banking industry, inequalities in the healthcare industry and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

With GZ, we’ve developed partnerships with clients where we aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions to address their business problem. We don’t mind challenging conventions when it helps our clients. We strongly believe that there is no one size that fits all!

Open Positions In Our Den


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Execute market research activities as assigned by senior.
  • Assist in building project cost for new proposal.
  • Cost negotiation with suppliers and manage project’s budget.
  • Engage clients and supports clients’ relationships on projects.
  • Actively working with fieldwork team & data processing team to ensure recruitment meet the requirement, accuracy and timely delivery of data.
  • Diligently checking, analysing data and generating tables or charts for reporting purposes.
  • To jointly present the final result of the research work with the senior to client.



  • Minimum qualifications: Degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Economic or equivalent.
  • Experienced in managing a wide range of qualitative/quantitative research.
  • Possess good organisation and follow up skills when dealing with clients and suppliers.
  • Possess strong analytical skills and putting together data from multiple resources.
  • Strong project management skills with good critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Solid expertise in project execution, analysis and reporting.
  • Proficient in all Microsoft applications (i.e. Excel, Power Point and Word).
  • Data analysis including proficiency in using SPSS (or SAS, Stata, or similar).
  • Proficient in both written and oral English including both written and oral Malay and Chinese will be added advantage.


Research/Senior Research Executive

  • Committed
    • High initiative
    • Independent
    • Has the perseverance to complete all tasks

  • Creative
    • Able to find alternative ways to solve issues
    • Find unique ways to achieve better results
  • Collaborative
    • A teamplayer
    • Friendly, warm & pleasant
    • Always ready to support others

  • Clarity
    • Inquisitive and seeks clarity to ensure things done are on the right track
    • Meticulous and has an  eye for details

Which one are you? A Qualitative or Quantitative Market Researcher?

  If you like to...

  • discover the truth behind people's


  • satisfy your curiousity 
  • listen to people
  • work with different brands & categories
  • navigate group dynamics
  • meet new people
  • work with people with different talents

       ...then Qualitative Research is for you.

  However, if you prefer to...

  • wonder what drives people
  • use statistical software
  • design surveys, polls,                  questionaires
  • confirm hyphothesis of                phenomenas 
  • deal with numbers & stats
  • collect & analyse data

        ...then Quantitative Research is for you.