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‘We have known each other for a long time from our years of managing competitve market research companies in Malaysia.

We support the same football team, and have a shared outlook on what makes a good research agency!’

"Find clarity in murky waters. The obvious may hide the real truth."


Yazid is an accomplished "Quali" specialist equipped with a robust quantitative background, offering superior counsel by leveraging both skillsets. He has demonstrated his expertise in multiple markets, including the Asian region, Australia, and the USA.

Yazid's journey in market research began with Frank Small, where he gained valuable experience before rising to the position of Managing Director at Research International. He later went on to head Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) Malaysia before co-founding Green Zebras.

Over the course of four decades, Yazid has amassed an unparalleled breadth of experience across diverse industries, such as FMCGs, Energy & Utilities, Travel & Tourism, Sports & Recreation, Automotive, Financial Services & Insurance, Social Studies and Telecommunications, to name but a few. His clients continue to benefit tremendously from his wealth of experience.

Yazid is driven by his passion for collaborating with clients to uncover novel insights that generate value. He is renowned for providing in-depth, creative insights that are grounded in hard data, specifically to facilitate business strategy development.

"Spotting trends and patterns is a mix of art and science"


Steve started his career in quantitative marketing research in the UK in the 1990s. After moving to Hong Kong in the late 90s, Steve became the Managing Director of Synovate Malaysia in 2001, building the business over time. He continued to lead the merged entity now known as Ipsos Malaysia until 2014. Later that year, he co-founded Green Zebras, with a mission to create a market research company “of a different stripe”.

Green Zebras has now grown into one of the top research agencies in Malaysia and Asia, with a strong emphasis on senior consultancy, a results-oriented approach and a contemporary way to approaching market research problems.

He has been featured in various media such as the Quirk's Marketing Research Media, The Edge, The Star and many more.  

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"We're a team of colleagues who work closely together based on Trust and Teamwork. The best interest of our clients comes first. Always.

We're highly supportive, collaborative and we strive to preserve an inclusive workplace where everyone feels supported, respected and engaged."

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"Every zebra has a unique pattern of stripes. Scientists use the patterns like bar codes to identify individual zebras to keep track of them over time."