Join us in Celebrating our 8th Anniversary!

18th August 2022

signifies 8 years from when Green Zebras was established.

Time has flown by. And we’ve enjoyed the wide variety of projects and insights that we’ve delivered for each and every one of our clients. On this special day, we want you to know that your SUPPORT & TRUST have been the biggest drive towards our continued growth.


We aim to continue to ensure that you will always be satisfied with the values that we provide. We started out with big dreams and you have made that come true for us. Giving you our best is key in motivating us to continuously improve our value to you.


In conjunction with this special occasion, we would also like to share with you our new website. What served us well in 2014, now needs a refresh. Hence, the launch of our new website this month, neatly coinciding with our 8th Anniversary.


Central to the design of our new website are:


  1. A new, fresher, more vibrant use of our brand green. One that feels much more of the moment and shows more of our stripe.
  2. Designed to be more friendly, informative and impactful in delivering our professional services, our people and the values that we strive to bring to you.
  3. After 8 years, we can share with you case studies that have worked on and provided real insights to help many clients navigate their decisions better.
  4. It’s up to date with the digital and social media environments, where you can connect and engage with us with just a click! www.greenzebras.net


We’ll be looking forward to hearing what you think of our new website for any further improvements as we roll it out.  Click here to provide your comments:


for being our loyal partners & clients throughout the years!

Thank You